2017 Dance Troupe Inc

National Awards 

This year we traveled to Savannah Ga. for Dance Troupe Inc. National Dance competition. We are so proud of all our dancers and their many amazing awards. This season has been a blast.  

Production Award: 

"A Pirates Life For Me" - Platinum, Highest Score of the Day, Judges Choice Routine

Mini Company Awards 

Group Awards : 

At the Hop- High Gold 

We Heart Mickey - High Gold 

Solo Awards: 

Brooklynn Harris "Me Too" - High Gold

Jensen Putman "Salute" - High Gold

Kyleigh Wills "Neverland" - High Gold 

Rylie Zimmerman "Dimples"  - High Gold 

Petite Company Awards 

Group Awards: 

Let's Be Bad- Platinum 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Platinum 

Solo/Duet Awards: 

Greta Cline "She's Like the Swallow" - Platinum, 2nd over all

Greta Cline "In the Mood"- Platinum, 3rd over all 

Faith Hodge "Brand New You" - High Gold 

McKenna Honacker "Secret"  - Platinum 

Taylor Rotenberry  "Super Love" - High Gold 

Faith Hodge & Mckenna Honacker  "I Hate Boys" -  Platinum

Company Awards 

Group Awards: 

Musical Chairs - Platinum, Entertainment Award

Angel by the Wings- Platinum, 5th over all

Flowers in Her Hair - Platinum, Call Back Challenge Participant 

Solo awards: 

Loren Keen " Addiction" -  Platinum 

Maddie Keene  "Carry Me" -  Platinum, 8th Over All 

Maddie Keene "Footprints in the Sand" - Platinum, Costume Award, 7th Over All

JoBeth Hilton "Life of The Party" - Platinum, Musical Theater Award 

Abigail McComas " Falling in Love" - Platinum

Keria Puglee "Once Upon Another Time" - High Gold 

Caleigh Street "I've Already Won"  - High Gold 

Avery Thompson "Landfill" -  Platinum, 5th Over All 

Alexis Thurston "Never Let Go" -  Platinum 



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Additional Photography By: Randy Lamb, Nancy Lamb, Sabrina Davison and Leslie Nagle.

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